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Interview a compatriot and fellow of the wine world as Andrea Alonso Castaño, is a kindness. We are a people of mixtures and from this union of races, cultures and beliefs a migrant has emerged who has the capacity to learn about himself and his environment and that combination has enriched us and we have assimilated without adaptation would not have the same opportunities . This makes us different from the other people who have also had to emigrate. The big difference is we and the education received by those migrants who once had to leave their land. It is my pleasure to interview Andrea and get her closer to readers.

Andrea Alonso Castaño

Thank you very much for your time giving me this interview

What is wine?
Apart of being food, it is a beverage to enjoy which match links, makes friends close-up and it is available to all.

Andrea, why did you get so close to wine?
First, by necessity and then by curiosity; today I can say by pleasure and because it is my work. When I say necessity is because I was working in a restaurant and I had no idea what to answer to the queries made by the customers.

Andrea Alonso Castaño

Do you drink wine at home and outside?
Yes, mainly at home, and on weekends together with our friends!

Which has been your worst experience with wine?
Some sexist comments from men disputing what could I know about wine being a woman. The rest of the experiences have been all positive. When I had a lot of work and having the feeling that you can cope everything, but once this situation is over, you forget it.

Andrea Alonso Castaño
And the best experience
Became Nariz de Oro in 2010 was the best experience, without any doubt it was the most beautiful and positive experience. Being the first among 400 Sumillers from whole Spain, and many of them colleagues of mine and very good professionals with a wide knowledge about this profession and business. For me, it was very rewarding.

Is it natural to have golden nose or it has to be trained?
Nariz de Oro is an award in a contest where it is recognised the knowledge about wine and the blind taste. So, it is needed a constant learning and training process. I think that with a proper training of all the senses, any Sumiller can be awarded 

Andrea Alonso Castaño

The wine trade is in change, where do you think it is going on and what do you expect?
The wine consumption trends make change in market and wineries are ready to get adapted to changes. Nowadays, in Spain the trend is that consumers search elegant wines, easy to drink and a price fewer than 5 Euros.

Tannat strain is in our heart, do you think that it is well known and has a sufficient recognition?
Yes, I think so, the problem is that the production is very low and there is a lack of diffusion by wineries, and if we add to all of this that we are now in Spain, a wine producer, the consumers’ interest is very low.

Andrea Alonso Castaño

What is a good wine?
The one which makes you enjoy it, and if you match with the proper food, you'll have a better experience!

What is a bad wine?
The defective one which is not possible to drink.

What do you think about José Mujica?
I am not a follower, but I think that he can be an example of humble, simplicity and sincerity for many politicians. What it is really important is that things change and get better in Uruguay and Uruguayans living there are happy, so we cannot say anything else.

Andrea Alonso Castaño

Would you go back to Uruguay?
Actually, I try to go back every year, but return definitely to live there, I have not thought about it

What does Andrea do in your leisure?
I sleep, enjoy my family and friends, play paddle, taste wines, travel... 

Thank you very much, Andrea. In vino veritas, longae vitae!))

Mrs.Andrea Alonso Castaño in few lines:


- Professional Sommelier 2010 Golden Nose
- Wine Buyer, Wine Manager of Concept Project and member of the tasting Makro Spain and Portugal
- Member of the UEC (Spanish Tasters Union)
- Jury of International Wine Competitions in WBC (World Competition in Brussels), BACCHUS, BACO, AMAVI, WINE AND WOMEN TEMPRANILLOS WORLD, NEW WINE, etc..
- Contributing tasting panel magazine gastronauts.
- Member of the teachers in the course of the International Sommelier Cooking School Valladolid, Madrid Chamber of Commerce, University of Alicante, etc..
- Jury Sommelier Competition "Golden Nose" organized by the magazine Wine + Food
- Jury contest Sommeliers "Azpilicueta Workshop" directed by Elena Adell and Vanessa Viñolo
Winner of National Contest in Spain "2010 Golden Nose"

  Translated by Lola Torres


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