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What is an winemaker?

The winemaker is the technical advisor responsible for managing the process of winemaking. He/she is the expert who oversees all the winery processes, storage, analysis, preserving, bottling and marketing of wine.

“The winemaker with their responsibility and hard work have got the solid reputation they have in the world of wine”

José Luis Chueca (Winemaker)
Where did you start your oenological activity?
It all started at home, my father was winemaker and my grand parents winegrowers.

José Luis Chueca (Winemaker)

Then, you have always been in touch with the wine World!

José Luis Chueca (Winemaker)

What is the Empire of Garnacha (Grenache)?
It is the name given by the D.O. to Campo de Borja, we are experts in this vine variety, it has grown here for ages, its origin is Aragon, and we know how to keep and maintain the oldest vines.


How could you get the great transformation of the Grenache?
Firstly, because we believe in it from the winery, then we knew the potential of the variety and finally because it is the legacy of our ancestors.

Centenarians Grenaches

When is the best moment to a Grenache vine to produce wine?
From 15-20 years old on, older vines produce more concentrated wines.

How is the influence of the zone and the soil in the Grenache vine?
The influence is very favourably, structured soils with many minerals, like iron, pyrite, slate ... and at the same time poor in organic matter. Due to these conditions, the vine suffers and it produces more complex and concentrated grapes.

Soil - Grenache

Which is the difference between the Aragonese Grenache and the Grenache grew in other place?
The biggest difference is the soil, which is mineralized and altitude differences, from 300 to 900 meters.

Altitude - Soils
How is possible to produce a world-class wine?
There are many factors on it, from the vine variety, the means used, good commercial work and country allocation; get the wine reaches the wine critic and also the final public.

Tres Picos - Borsao

What longevity can get to have Grenache wines?
They can get as old as any other kind of vine. I still taste Grenache wines 34-37 years old, household produced, and still amazing, despite the few means they had in 70’s.

Tasting room

Some people are trying to include expiration date to wines, what do you think?
Wine does not have expiration date. We can talk about longevity or live cycle, best before… and everything depends on the kind of wine.

Wine Cellar Borsao

What production is having the winery?
Around 10.000 and 11.000 tones of grapes

Wine Cellar Borsao

D.O. Campo de Borja and the wineries had cooperated in a Project together with University of Zaragoza and its Aroma and Oenology Analysis Lab. What can you tell us anything about it?
Yes, I am member of the Consejo Regulador Taste Committee and we worked together identifying aromatic compounds, more natural flavours, synthetics, stronger or weaker… it is a wonderful team work, a group of winemakers, all members of the D.O. Campo de Borja working with worldwide reputation professors as Dr. Juan Cacho and Dr.Vicente Ferreira.
This project started due to one of the formalities needed to get the D.O. Quality Certification, ISO 45.011. We looked for help in Zaragoza University and we keep on working in this field and with this team of great professionals.

Room of Casks

There are small wineries getting a better position in the market, above wine under a D.O. Do you think that this situation explains that some of these wineries want more flexibility to produce wines?
It is not necessary to be a big winery to make a good wine, or belong to a specific D.O.
The D.O. certifies the quality, and the rules are closer to viticulture and commercialization.

Different soil types

Nowadays, export is the engine in almost all the wineries. Nevertheless, most of them are forgetting the national market. What is Bodega Borsao doing for national market?
Bodega Borsao bets also for the national market, we make tastings all over Spain; we attend the main fairs and wine events related to wine world.
Although we sell even more in Spain and our name is well known, our winery is an export winery mainly.

The Moncayo

You also work with the Australian winemaker Chris Ringland in BodegaAlto Moncayo. How are the wines you produce in this cellar?
We produce 100% Grenache wines, looking for mature wines, structured and easy to drink, seek the essence of the Grenache.
When Chris Ringland came for the first time in 2001, he was delighted with our soils, climate, altitude, vines and variety.
Thanks to this great surprise, he decided to co-operate with us in new projects, as the present one: Bodegas ALTO MONCAYO.

Chris Ringland
How many bottles are you producing?
Borsao 9.000.000 bottles, Alto Moncayo 120.000 bottles.


Social networks are changing our lives and therefore the wine world. What do you think about it?
We evolved in all aspects, and social networks and internet accelerate the change process last years.
All of us, we are in social Networks, in a direct or an indirect way; they help us to disseminate events, tastings, courses, fairs, studies, prizes, articles, blogs … its quickness and viralness amazes us.

José Luis Chueca (Winemaker)
What do you do in your spare-time?
I enjoy being with my family, whenever I can, I go to the countryside, along with my father and my son and we take care for our vineyards.

Thank you very much, José Luis. In vino veritas, longae vitae!))

I want to thank Ms. María Sancho Alberto (Marketing and Communication Dept.) for the invitation and help me with the interview!

“The sons of the wind” is a video about Bodegas Borsao, its history, its wine tradition and its love for the work well done. From the core of the Grenache, Borsao shows its vineyards, people and the winery.

 Translated by Lola Torres

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