martes, 4 de febrero de 2014


For a long time I refrained from making any political comment, but I got to my limits. Inside me is brewing more than a sense of absurdity of the political class. Actually, I see, read and hear reports saying that wines are being exported more as ever before and it makes that wineries do not disappear, which I think is wonderful because it is saving many people from bankruptcy and revealing wines produced in all areas of Spain. We have been taught that we must be competitive and that has to do with being human and wanting to see more safeguards of a world that is not as great as it looks.

I have no formula to change an outdated system of which we are all responsible. As far as I know, the World has its own limits. We should consider seriously exporting wine saying on its label "I come from Planet Earth and I am responsible for the piece of land that was given to me for a while and I will try to leave it to be enjoyed also by future generations". The boors who have everything and want more and more and are not satisfied with all what they have, we must tell them that there are not two Earths.

Nowadays we still see people jumping border fences, but there is something worst and it is to have mental barriers. It makes to turn us back to the wildest side of the humankind. Of course I want to enjoy good wines with an excellent paired food and a better companion! When our ancestors started to farming to avoid a lack of food, the mere act of eating and drinking became transformed into something social and spiritual.

It has been said that we want to save the planet from devastation and war, but let's face it, how many of us are working on it and we are settled our daily lives. I insist that I have not the formula to change capitalism, but I can change something and this something is inside me.

A bunch of grapes cannot give much, but many of them produce wine. I think if many of us change may be we will see the solution. I sincerely believe my brothers and sisters and mothers are the mothers of all and there is nothing in this world that resembles a mother, so you have to start respecting Mother Nature. I will not teach how to become a better human being and how to take care our environment, but hey, someone has to remember! There is nothing like having freedom and do those things we want to do, but we have to respect our environment and disseminate what we do without fear of feel caged in a body or mind. Humanity has never been able before to quickly change thoughts and make people listen to them as today. Internet made us universal. But beware, it also makes us more individualistic and makes us forget that we are gregarious and imperfect human beings.

After searching the various arguments that make me human, I believe in everything that reflects the public feelings. Socrates told his disciples that they should think for themselves and this has taught mankind the hemlock exists, therefore we have not let our guard down and believe that everything will change overnight. The political geniuses who represent us have become high class monsters that benefit and nourish from suffering of the people. Sipping wines that most of us idolize and have exorbitant prices. But what is this? To whom has thought about make a popular drink something exclusive for a few people? Or as it is now, bottles sold as refuge for fortunes and it does not even know if they are authentic or not.

Intelligence should be something to serve humankind, not representing the immorality and lack of respect for others. As it is settled, quod natura non dat, Salmantica non praestat. Sometimes, being less intelligent does not mean being stupid and not knowing the value of things. Wine is like life itself, represents many values that have been passed since humans learned how to produce it and enjoy it. So, if anyone thinks that consumption has fallen sharply in Spain, you're right. Prices of most of the wines have raised and the people has been involved in a crisis invented by bright sparks and these have told that the fault was due to those. How false they are! What would you do if someone tells you to ask for whatever you want and you will only pay a small fee for the money received and as they are so good that they will also give you money for the car?... They have taken advantage of people.

They sold wine more expensive and they are still drinking bottles that have been saved in tax havens paid with the sacrifice of many people treated as ignorant. What a lack of respect! They believed that we would not realize and that anyone would have the courage to tell them truth in front of their faces. I feel nauseous when I think that there are people who only look for their own personal interests believing that they can go around teaching to be like them. How could someone who is also father, mother and brother act in this way without any scruples and laughing at all?

Discover new wines is fine and saying that a wine is delicious is one of my duties as wine writer. John Lennon said: “if you are honest, you will not have many friends, but they will be the appropriate”

I have the duty to be like a fine wine and that wine must be worthy and respect their terroir transmitting their generosity in the cup of life, his death is most certainly there. Do not forget, I'll be watching from the darkness of the cellar and denouncing the “bad grapes” in politics (in Spanish “mala uva”, literally “bad grape”, also means bad temper).

Translated by Lola Torres


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