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There is a very beautiful song by Adrian Abonzino, Argentinean composer, which says: “Sometimes, when I think that everything is lost, I get closer to a way of death, I shoot myself with a word that ever had been so transparent for me”
I honestly do not think all is lost, sometimes I load my gun with words and shooting them because I see with different eyes anything that does not want to be seen.
I believe in my fellows whose efforts make wine. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they are young and produce wine. Then, I squirm and bend my neck waiting for any expert enlighten me and saying yes, it is possible that youth consume wine in this country and even more, they produce it.
The magic of wine is their temporary status and renewal over time. This is what makes wine unique as a drink but sometimes has that mysterious and is impregnated circle of majestic since royal has adopted it as social and spiritual drink.
We go through hard times but not impossible as the resurgence of wine as a communication channel, where writers are the champions of justice who only speaks about market and its fluctuating laws.
I prefer to talk with wine and introduce you two brothers who have made a work of art and whose work has shown that youth well-advised by his older gives new fruits. “I can teach you how to fly, but I cannot follow your flight” (Alfredo Zitarroza)

Matias Gallo - Giuly Gallo

Carlos Schölderle.       First of all, thank you very much for living me this interview. Matias Gallo, how old are you and what do you do?
Matias Gallo.   I am 23 years old. I studied Oenology and I work in a winery.
C.S.     Giuliano Gallo, how old are you and what do you do?
Giuliano Gallo.            I am 22 years old, and last December I finished my degree in Oenology, in Madrid.
C.S      How come you made wine?
M.G.    It came from tradition. We grew up among vines, in a narrow relationship with wine world. We always liked it and this is the main reason why we both studied Oenology.
G.G.    We work our own vineyard, in a traditional and organic way.
           In 2010, our grapes reached a high quality level, so we decided to produce our own wine. Instead of sell our grapes acting as grape producers we had the opportunity to act as wine producers in a winery and we did not let go the chance!!!


C.S.     Why did you decided to produce the wine and which are your expectations about it?
M.G.    We produce wine because it is “inside” us, and this beautiful area gives us the perfect conditions to create an excellent wine, just with local varieties.
           We did not want just to produce a wine but to do something special, produced from our almost centenary vines, in a land with low content in organic matter, granite and slate floors, acid pH ... all these factors and many more are what led us to do something with the charm of our area.
G.G.    One of our goals is to trigger a satisfaction gesture each time anyone taste our wine, we want them to drink it, accept it and enjoy it, whether they are people with or without experience in wines.


C.S.     Have got any support to do the project?
M.G.    Yes, of course, all our family did it
C.S.     Was this wine produced using traditional methods?
G.G.    Yes, it is completely handmade from collection, which is hand-carried in boxes, until bottling and labeling. All the processes are completely handmade.
C.S.     Why did you decided to use these two vines: Juan García and Rufete?
M.G.    We wanted to create a perfect assembly. Juan Garcia grapes have a very good body, well structured and perfect acidity, and the Ruefete is aromatic, it brings freshness and subtlety plus more purple and darker touches that enhance Juan Garcia.


C.S.     Is this a wine that has been made with the idea of closer to young people?
G.G.    No, it isn't. We wanted to demonstrate that young people is able to produce wine, and do it for young people and not so young. There is not a gap between young and wine. Wine is a product which lives with as for centuries and we did what young people did thousand years ago. So, we produced for general public, with our personal touch, with something different.
C.S.     Why is the name Eighteen18? And the shape of the bottle is original, where have you chosen it?
G.G.    The name “Eighteen 18” is because it was our age when we produced it (18 and 19 years old) so we thought it was a good idea to choose this number for the project. Being 18 years old starts our adult life in the real world; it is the moment in life when things happen depending on you. We also thought that being a number it is easier to remember, in English because it is one of the languages used wide-world, and the figure 18, just to be sure.
           The bottle is special, we liked its shape. They are brought from Italy and we thought it matched with our stile, youthful and elegant yet a touch of an old amphora.

Matias Gallo - Giuly Gallo

C.S.     How is the market performance? Where do you sell?
M.G.    The market is receiving us very well; we are just beginning to operate in the market. So far, the public response is very positive to us and that helps us move forward.
C.S.     Have you been supported by the DO or by wine professionals?
M.G.    Yes, we have. We were supported by all the people who believed in us. And we have been also awarded with the CINVE 2012 silver medal, 90 points and 4 stars in Peñin guide and we have been chosen among the best wines in Spain.
C.S.     Your product is known in wine journalistic circles.
G.G.    Our product has been recognized in various journalistic articles in RTVE and TVE, and we have been interviewed in several newspapers, which is important to begin to be known.
C.S.     Do you feel that you have been forgotten because there are many people asking for a closer relationship with young people? This wine, made ​​with love and well crafted. What do you think the distance is in the young?

 Giuly Gallo

M.G.    We think that it just starts, and step by step wine will become more and more popular among young people and a family level ,as it was previously
C.S.     If your wine were a story, what would count?
G.G.    It would tell the desire and affection of two brothers to do things, tell the original story of doing things where others young s would not do, and there is always a way to implement the ideas and fulfill our dreams, you will feel in a single sip it is not just a wine, but a complexity that is harmonized in seconds to make you feel special by drinking and sharing our wine.
C.S.    Thank you very much. In vino veritas, longae vitae!))
  Translated by Lola Torres                                                                           


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